Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Photography Group

Group Name: Photo Freak
Location: Pasar Minggu, Satok
Date: 21 March 2010
Time: 2.00 - 5.00pm

I was invited by a friend in facebook to join a photography group called Photo Freak Group. And couple weeks later I take part in the group activity having an outing (a good conceptual photoshoot outing - street and strobist) in Satok, Kuching area. It was fun..... all the group members are very supportive. Gaining lot of knowledge.... thanks so much to the "freaks". This is my very first time doing strobist. Looking foward next outing with you guys. Here are some pictures I've taken. Please view my flickr for more pics :)

Yay, the group of freaks.... :D

This is how those freakers do the strobist. hehe....

Available light shooting

My first strobist

Thanks: Abg Mohd Syukri, Sopan, Ambia, Qazz, Framton, Zul Fadli, Chikgu Phil, Mr. Ringgo


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